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Iris Perouliou Sergaki

2019/20 Lasithi

Iris Perouliou - Sergaki studied architecture (DUTH) and holds a postgraduate degree in Urban-Regional Planning (NTUA) with collaborations in Greece, Barcelona and with the Greek Ministry of Culture (Byzantine antiquities restoration).

However, she soon decided to follow her curiosity and go beyond the narrow limits of traditional planning by participating in research projects for cultural recordings of the Greek element in Turkey and Bulgaria (DUTH). She also took part in a participatory planning projects with Roma in the settlement of Drosero (DUTH). Due to these adventures, Iris has become a big supporter of collective action processes of decision making and she applies them not only to her life but also to her work, as demonstrated by her coordination of participatory design workshops as a special advisor in the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos, Crete, and her work as a leader in the European Placemaking Network for Greece. 

In 2019 Iris benefited from the influential START programme and seized the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in sociocultural management and link participatory processes with the cultural identity of a place. Her goal is to initiate social change starting from the local level by applying integrated cultural actions, and develop and pilot a sustainable methodology to activate her hometown.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Agora / a cultural hub

The purpose of the cultural initiative is to emerge the identity of the place (history, tradition, architecture, local habits, important personalities), and to develop and pilot a sustainable and replicable methodology to activate abandoned cluster in a small regional city, with the aim of urban regeneration by creating cultural hub in vacant ground floors. The tools that can be used are synergies with local actors through participatory processes aimed at identifying the place that will be promoted in this initiative and empower locals to create a
cultural initiative as a public/private partnership in which property and business owners elect to make a collective contribution to the maintenance, development and promotion of their district through culture.

Host Institution

St. Spiritus

Sozio-kulturelles Zentrum St. Spiritus offers an atmospheric platform for numerous events with a concert stage in the historic chapel and the open-air stage in the courtyard. The spectrum comprises live music, puppetry, theater, cabaret, readings and other live events. Associations and organizations value St. Spiritus as a gathering place and performance venue. Changing exhibitions in the "gallery in the chapel", artistic workshops, rehearsals of the St. Spiritus choir, regularly occurring art classes and the intercultural café all round out the offering. 

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