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Ioanna Theiakou

2015/16 Athens

Ioanna Theiakou is a branding management marketing specialist with interest in entrepreneurship, social media, public relations, communication design and smart ideas that improve life. Her work experience includes branding management and communication, marketing, advertising, event planning, public relations and graphic design. Her goal is to find creative effective solutions that engage the audience in any project she gets involved with.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Placement at Plattform e.V.

More info soon to come!

Host Institution


Plattform e.V. was founded in 2008 as a non-profit organization based in Erfurt, Germany. With the aim of promoting lifelong learning, cultural industries and development, participation and entrepreneurship: the organization sees itself as a think tank and network for current and significant social topics and challenges. The organization operates mainly in the context of long-term projects and programs and is always ready to transfer experience and knowledge to third parties.

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