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Hana Sebestova

2018/19 Corinth

Born in Slovakia, Hana came to Greece in 2008 as a European volunteer (EVS) and, magically, has lived there since! She has always been active in art and music, and combines this with her international youth work. After graduating from the University in Nitra, Slovakia (teaching Visual Art and Music) she worked for six years at the Art and Music School in Holíč, Slovakia. Since 2009 she has taken part in several sociocultural projects, in the framework of non-formal education, and has worked as a mentor, leader and project coordinator in this field (projects funded by ERASMUS+ etc). Since 2013 she has been working in rural areas, poor in the variety of cultural opportunities on offer. Her passion for this work never lets her give up; she continues to believe in and act for changes towards an inclusive society.

By taking the unique opportunity of the START Program in 2018, Hana acted on her motivation to make the most of chances, gain new impulses and deepen her project management skills in the sociocultural sector. Back in Greece, she uses her experience to build her work and her next project is a pilot initiative with long term potential and community impact.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Keep memory alive

The project wakes up historic memories of the village through different activities with visible results.

The main focus of the proposal is on preservation of memory and rural and sustainable development, in terms of art/culture as a tool. Memory is the base of cultural heritage! We will work on methods to promote local history and environment, how to convince the local society in terms of protecting the memory, the active participation and the conservation for the future generations.
The aim is to promote the revival of historic memories of the village, from the second world war's period. Creating memory points by using different cultural approaches and tools, involving local community and waking up the memory of the village. The tools to be used are video interviews with elderly witnesses, mosaic memorials, historic information panels with QR-codes, final event with concert. The target group of the initiative will be wide. Through different actions we would like to involve different ages in the village.
The main focus is to involve a group of young people and young adults (actors), to take initiative to participate in all those steps. Older generation-witnesses, those remembering something about the historic events, young people and young adults are involved in the mosaic art work under the regie of the professional art mentor.

Host Institution

Kultur Aktiv

Kultur Aktiv e.V. promotes arts, culture, education and creative potential through international exchange and voluntary commitment. Kultur Aktiv was founded as an association in 2002 to support urban subculture in Dresden’s Neustadt district. Within ten years it was expanded to an organization that knows how to network and present arts and culture professionally in Germany and abroad. Geographically, we have a special focus on Eastern Europe and the Balkans. In our local projects we work with artists, young creative professionals, young people, migrant groups and refugees.

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