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Georgia Mikou

2017/18 Nafplio

Georgia was born in Nafplio. She received a BA in dance from the “Niki Kontaxaki” professional dance school with a partial scholarship. She also holds a BSc in nutrition and dietetics from Harokopio University. Since 2012, she has been teaching contemporary dance and ballet to people of all ages. Georgia has organized performances and danced and performed in productions in Greece and abroad. She feels very lucky because her hobby has become her profession. She also works as a nutritionist; she gives dietary advice and talks about proper nutrition. Georgia wants to concatenate her knowledge, working experience and passion in both fields with her perspective on life: dance is a way for everyone to explore their body. In combination with the right nutrition, people can be more energetic and healthier. Besides all the above, she is a co-owner and manager of a hotel.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

„Children Movement“ in Germany

The mini project “Children Movement” was a series of nutrition and dance workshops for children. It aimed at children learning about the right nutrition and having more physical exercise during the day. The purpose of the mini project was to create and evaluate sessions that would be used for the main project in Greece.

The project was implemented in a public primary school for three days, where almost 90 children took part in the workshops. We organized two different workshops. In the first, children created their own healthy plate with a collage and they learned the food groups. In the second, they baked cookies and learned which food is good for different parts of the body. In both of them, we used interactive games and the children took part in a creative dance session. They learned in a fun atmosphere and they collaborated. We provided an information brochure about healthy living to the families.

Host Institution


Kultur- und Kommunikationszentrum Sumpfblume e.V. is a socio-cultural center in Hameln. Sumpfblume was founded in 1979 when a group of young citizens joined together in order to rejuvenate the city’s cultural landscape. There are a big event hall and a café with a terrace at the Sumpfblume; it is located directly on the Weser river’s banks. Many initiatives and associations meet on a weekly basis in the three group spaces. With cultural pleasure and culinary culture under one roof, the cultural center now sees itself as a meeting place for all.

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„Children Movement“ in Germany
„Children Movement“ in Germany
„Children Movement“ in Germany