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Frantzeska Papagiannopoulou

2019/20 Tinos

Born and raised on the Greek island of Tinos, Greece, Frantzeska is a professional in Early Childhood Education (Patras University). She then followed her dream, by moving abroad and doing her master’s on Youth, Education & Society (Utrecht University, NL).

Having already set up an annual children’s festival in her community, the ‘Vegera fest’, her vision was to examine it from a scientific perspective. Being ‘stubborn’ enough (as her supervisor used to say!), she conducted research on the sociocultural and educational values of the Vegera fest. Besides this, she was also an intern at the European Union ISOTIS research project. 

In 2019, she was selected as a START Fellow, with her idea to create a children’s guide to Tinos (for children - from children). Being emotionally attached to her place and at the same time excited about training in Germany, she saw START as the best possible way to further her career, enrich her knowledge in the cultural management field and find new ways to foster children’s development and education in her community. ‘Give me roots, and I know who I am. Give me wings and I know who I want to become’ is her motto. Her 2019 START experience enables her to fly and explore, pick up knowledge and practices before returning to adjust them to her community so as to take care of her roots.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

TINOS Guide & Seek

The project's goals are to preserve local cultural heritage and enhance local children’s place attachment, promote island of Tinos as a family tourism destination, develop children’s creative writing and social skills, boost openness to collaboration and fellowship and promote intergenerational solidarity. This will be done through organized visits to the villages of the island. Aiming at 10-year-old children of Tinos, this project’s participants will be the 4th-grade students of its 5 primary schools. The classes will be divided in order to depict the cultural aspects of the Tinos’ parts.

Host Institution

Kultur vor Ort e.V.

Kultur Ort e.V. is a non-profit association who started in the international Quarter Gröpelingen in the west part of Bremen more than 20 years ago. Today schools, institutions, businesses, and many dedicated individuals are members of our organization.

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