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Eva Anagnostaki

2016/17 Athens

Eva Anagnostaki describes herself as a curious, cre- ative, diligent and goal-oriented person. After attaining her first master’s in New Media and Digital Culture, and as someone now working in digital marketing and com- munication, she knows that her creative aspect needs to meet her practical one. This balance was achieved with her second master’s in Cultural Management; a process which broadened her horizons remarkably.

Her personal and professional vision has since been shaped by the cultural perspective and skill set she ac- quired in her studies, as well as by her deep interest in urban culture. Enticed by participatory culture in both the physical and digital environments, she aspires to bring together the three strands of her professional develop- ment and contribute to a new urban thinking of inclusive and creative co-creation.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


The project “fühlenwalde” (the forest of senses) took place in a disused shop in the town of Fürstenwalde between November 7th and 10th, 2016. The wordplay aims to emphasize the opening of the senses and per- ception, in the public sphere of Fürstenwalde – a name that literally means “the forest of the princes”. Through interactive workshops and performances, “fühlenwalde” aspired to trigger the seven senses of the participants in an unexpected context, and question the potential of a semi-public place as an open space of communication and exchange.

Along with a group of artists and the landkunstleben team, we invited locals and passers-by a 5-day mul- ti-sensory experience with daily workshops and activities: On the first day we had “Camera obscura” to deal with the sight, on the second day we dealt with hearing in the performance “Listen, listen”. With “Yoga & knitting” we focused on body awareness and balance, with “Burdock’s reuse” on the touch, and on the last day we came to smell and taste in “Cooking with herbs”.

Host Institution


landkunstleben e.V. is dedicated to participatory and site-specific projects and collaborations. Based in the Steinhöfel community, approximately 40 km east of Berlin, we contribute to rural community life by establishing new circles of exchange between the rural and urban, and by intertwining the local with the international. This ranges from producers and gardeners to international artists, cultural workers and volunteers. We are promoting the concept of a new rural culture. This includes an ecological garden and a program of participative art projects, workshops and exhibitions.

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