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Emmanouil Levedianos

2019/20 Athens

Emmanouil is a co-founder (2017) and program manager at the LUDD cooperative in Athens, Greece; an independent institution that promotes open design and fabrication and explores links between the commons, technological development, sustainable practices and the visual arts. As a graduate industrial engineer (NTUA, Athens) he has conducted research on digital fabrication systems and virtual reality technologies (NTUA & UPC, Barcelona). 

During his seven-year residency in Berlin, his professional experience extended to the areas of project management, service and product design, system and software development in diversified sectors. Pursuing additional studies in cinematography at the self-organized school FilmArche (Berlin), was a memorable escape from corporate shackles; his interdisciplinary background together with his civic engagement in political groups and open knowledge-sharing communities, prompted him to devote his energy and skills to developing solutions for social change and a more inclusive future. 

Emmanouil’s latest initiative aspires to connect citizen participation with urban and knowledge commons inside our social and economic contemporary hosting environments.  This is part of his 2019 START fellowship, which he sees as  invaluable for forging collaborations and acquiring new experiences in the sociocultural sector.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


CLOUDS is an open architecture modular system used to build pop-up constructions that can support a wide variety of cultural actions in the public space. Inspired by core principles of Commoning, Learning, Openness, Urbanism, Design and Structure, CLOUDS facilitates such cultural, artistic, and educational activities as community gatherings participatory workshops, theatrical/dance plays and performances. As such, the system creates a space of collective development and acts as a tool for independent cultural initiatives, community organizations, third places and civic agencies.

Host Institution


bi’bak („Have a look!“ in Turkish)

bi’bak e.V. is a non-profit association for contemporary art and community-based projects and runs an independent project space in Berlin-Wedding.

bi’bak engages with a variety of sociopolitical issues such as migration, discourses on mobility, the construction of identities, consumerism, labor questions, and cultural memory. Interdisciplinary projects offer alternative perspectives and initiate new discourses on pressing debates that all too often seem unsolvable and intransigent.

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