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Emmanouela Kyriakopoulou

2017/18 Athens

Emmanouela was born in Athens. She studied Archaeology and Art History at the University of Athens and Photography at the Neue Schule Berlin. She was trained in Art History at the Humboldt University and she is presently gathering experience in the field of Permaculture Design, Farming in Food Deserts and Activism and Social Movements through MOOCs of Duke University, Oregon and North Carolina State Universities. As a freelance photographer, she has worked with organizations such as the M. Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, Caravanserai Productions in London, The Open Stage Berlin, Theater RambaZamba, the Kathimerini Εκδόσεις Guides and in a wide range of dance and theater groups. She is a member of the Ecomuseum of Agricultural Life of Rethymno, “Kouriteia Odos”, while working on creating a guerilla gardening project in her neighborhood in Athens. She also collaborates with Liminal Access World and Cultopia.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title


re<>direct is a six-person team who wish to point up the issue of rejected food and waste general form. Our purpose is to find ways to recover good quality products that end up in the landfills. One simple observation lies behind our initiative: Every night, a huge amount of fresh meals and raw products are making their way from the shop windows directly to the retailers garbage bins. Between these two stages, there is a need for a third one.

The solution we propose is to ‘utilize’ all these perfectly good products through the creation of a redistribution network. re<>direct attempts to raise the food waste issue to a matter of a great importance for every, through actions that are open to all social groups, from people who have no daily access to food, to those who consciously choose to support the second life-cycle of ‘rescued’ products. The team’s idea consists in bringing together two elements, which are intertwined by nature: environment and society.

We wish to communicate the food waste issue to a wide and diverse public, while turning waste into the building block, with which we collectively create a better urban future.



Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Gemüse Yourself!

“gemüse yourself!” is a food rescue project that we implemented together with the Drop In team inside the RAW area. The concept is a double portable cabin that serves as a food-sharing spot containing a fridge and a bread shelf, filled daily with rescued products from our neighborhood’s mini markets and bakeries, where everyone can come by and take what s/he needs. We became partners of, the platform that serves as a mapping for all food-sharing spots in the city. At the end of the construction process, we had an opening party at the RAW with finger food made from rescued products. During our opening event, we also had the opportunity to witness two deliveries from foodsavers. With the structure that we created, we aimed to offer a place where Berliners can act as food-sharing heroes and conscious consumers directly in the heart of the city.

Host Institution

Drop In

Drop In e.V. combines educational and integrative work with attractive, easily accessible recreational offers. We were supported in this approach by our common passion for riding skateboards and by the experience that athletic youth culture and artistic activities are an excellent medium for working with young people. How can a political activist create a good group atmosphere before he deals with sensitive subjects? How can activities that create community offer a framework for a workshop on mobbing in schools?

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Gemüse Yourself!
Gemüse Yourself!
Gemüse Yourself!