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Eleni Tzounopoulou

2016/17 Patras

Eleni Tzounopoulou is 28 years old and was born and raised in Patras. She has focused on her studies as an MSc student in Cultural Organizations Management. Her interest in the field began in 2008, when she entered the University of Patras to study Cultural Heritage Manage- ment and New Technologies. Although this academic field is new in Greece, she keeps up with the latest de- velopments by participating in seminars, workshops and other events. Most notably, she has volunteered with the Parrhasian Heritage Foundation Mt. Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project and for the Association of Cultural Heritage Consultants in Greece, ESDIAPOK. With her project proposal “FLOAT”, Eleni tried to bring about a cultural change in Patras so that local young people could build up their understanding and experience of their Carnival tradition.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Communicate-Generate FLOAT

My goal was to research and trial the use of online tools to attract and support participation in a socio-cultural project, as part of the development of a communication strategy for my main project, “FLOAT”.

I studied initiatives and individuals in Berlin to learn how to make a project’s communication structure work for the participants and how to work with partners, media and apps to reach the target groups. I interviewed experts who could share tips and relevant experience and I updated my knowledge about cultural management. 16 organizations and potential partners in Greece were also involved in this development work.

Finally, I also worked closely with a designer to create the logo and visual identity of the project, and built a Facebook page to generate involvement in “FLOAT”. This engages young people in Patras in exchange and debate about how they could be more involved in their carnival (the focus of my project).

The result was a wide-ranging communication strategy for a participatory arts project; using partners, media, various apps and other online tools to encourage participation and participant ‘ownership’ at all stages.

Host Institution


Jugendfunkhaus - Förderkreis Kunst, Kultur und Jugend e.V. is an international cultural youth center for young people between 12 and 27 years old that focuses on cultural education in the fields of music, art, media, dance, theater, and radio. The general orientation is the advancement of the intellectual and cultural life by developing, organizing and promoting activities such as music and performance festivals, international training, workshops, youth exchange, and much more. We promote events in the fields of music, radio, art, dance, theater, and media.

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Communicate-Generate FLOAT