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Eleftheria Sotiropoulou

2015/16 Athens

Eleftheria Sotiropoulou studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts graduating with honors. She specialized in Graphic Design–Typography and completed the module on Teaching Arts. Currently she attends the MA course “Graphic Design–Multimedia” at the Hellenic Open University. She has been honored with a scholarship of excellence by the State Scholarship Foundation. She has working experience as a visual artist and freelance designer. Her organizational and communicational skills are strong, acquired through her job as administrative staff for the IT company Delta Singular and its’ Educational Center, her vocational training in support of business executives, and are reinforced by her experience in designing–implementing art workshops and coordinating cultural group activities.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Placement at art der Stadt

More info soon to come!

Host Institution

art der stadt

The registered society "art der stadt e.V." (literally: the art of the city) is a melting-pot of artistic expression. It is a socio-cultural platform for artistic, cultural and education related engagement. It gives the artistic means and possibilities, especially to young people, to experience participation and fulfillment within a society. We see ourselves as a platform for self-organized youth-work and active leisure-time. We offer theater, music, fine arts, dance, movie, and literature. We offer art projects, performances, workshops, and courses.

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