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Dimitris Miliopoulos

2017/18 Athens

Dimitris is based in Athens. His education in architecture (Canterbury) and cultural management (Athens) has enabled him to engage in various creative projects in different countries. He is enthusiastic about nature and alternative ways of traveling. He noticed that people’s own initiatives make significant changes locally. Dimitris became inspired by the natural resources of Naoussa in central Macedonia, Greece, and is determined to create cultural change there. He has adapted, as a “human chameleon”, to the local community and shares their eagerness to evolve – while protecting natural resources.

Dimitris is keen to make the most out of START and the job shadowing at the Kulturzentrum E-Werk in Erlangen. He is serious about absorbing all the management tools he has been taught and applying them to his cause. His motivation is to develop people’s consciousness about nature and encourage them to be responsible for their footprint.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Unspot(ted) A Website Which Locates And Promotes Your Urban Art

“unSPOT(ted)” is a project creating an online gallery space for the exhibition of urban art and for its promotion to the wider public.

The typical feature of urban art is its absolute accessibility to the public. However, it is often temporary or provisional.

I felt that there should be a documentation for this kind of art, together with an indication of its location, so that people know where to find it, or at least be able to see where it had been.

The realization of the project started with a call to local urban artists to provide us with pictures of their artworks, their location and a simple text about each one of them. In the longterm, we aim to have all forms of urban art gathered on the website, regardless of whether, in some cases, one piece might cover the other. The result will be an all-inclusive “urban art hot spots” map.

Host Institution

Kulturzentrum E-Werk

Kulturzentrum E-Werk e.V. in Erlangen has been one of the largest cultural centers in Germany for 35 years. It is operated by an association and a limited liability company and houses a movie theater and four performance venues of various sizes. We are visited by 250,000 - 300,000 guests each year. We educate multiple trainees and employ more than 130 people; we are also supported by nearly 80 volunteers. 

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