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Dimitris Bampilis

2018/19 Athens

Dimitris Bampilis, born in Athens, is a director, dramaturg and project manager. He holds a BA in "Theatre Studies" (Patras’ University) and an MA in “Theatre Directing” (Thessaloniki’s School of Fine Arts). After his internship with the acclaimed theatre collective Rimini Protokoll in Berlin, Dimitris has kept working on community-based projects with German collaborators from the sociocultural sector, as well as with major cultural institutes in Greece, on projects such as: Documenta 14, European Capital of Culture Eleusis 2021 and Smallville (START Greece 2017).

He is a co-founder of ΑΠΑΡÄΜΙΛΛΟΝ, an ex-candy factory now dedicated to performing arts and research, in the Gyzi neighborhood of Athens. Joining START as a Fellow in 2018, followed by his Placement with Alarm Theater in Bielefeld, Dimitris continues to strengthen his management tools and puts them into practice in the creation of ΑΠΑΡÄΜΙΛΛΟΝ’s “arts-and-crafts atelier”: a space open to past and future craftists of all ages and origins. He believes that performing arts should serve as a space where communities can meet and reflect upon their social issues. Dimitris is permanently contributing to this direction.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title


Gyzi’s constantly growing population, mostly seniors, young adults and teenagers, lacks a welcoming non-commercial space where they can interact and build a stronger community. The project “APARAMILLON_avli” (translated as “courtyard”) aims to provide this space. It acts as the cultural frame for such an intergenerational exchange, and serves the community according to its needs. The main tool for this process is the idea of “sharing-circles”, workshops (in a variety of topics) that are divided into two major categories: memory and storytelling. These explore personal and collective memory, with a focus on the neighbourhood of Gyzi, and skills/knowledge, including analog crafts. The idea of the circle is to promote equal participation at all levels of expertise and education, focusing on what participants already know and wish to share with others. The project is hosted in APARÄMILLON, an iconic old candy workshop that had been a meeting point for the inhabitants of Gyzi for five decades. During the last two years it has slowly transformed into a cultural hub, involving neighbours who still remember the old candy workshop’s imprint.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


The projects is connecting generations and cultures by creating an arts-and-crafts hub in Gyzi area.

For five decades, the space that used to host the legendary Confectionery Workshop and Patisserie “APARAMILLON”, has been a meeting point for the habitats of Gyzi, who met in the space to try out the new sweets that were coming out of its pots! A couple of years ago, the business has moved to its new place, and I am now in charge of the old space slowly transforming it into a culture hub for the neighborhood.

The main aim is to bring together the different groups pf people living in the area, not as passive followers of a structure, but as active participants, exchanging knowledge as a form of building a stronger community. Thus, workshops run by participants and experts will be the key tool for the whole process. At the same time, providing access to basic machinery will enhance any left out practice by people who may lack such a structure and will empower them to keep in track with their skills. Another tool, will be small presentations of the goods produced by the participants, in order to encourage more people to be involved, learning or leading a new practice. The final aim is to create a network of people that will combine their shared knowledge in
creating new forms of arts-and-crafts with “APARAMILLON / arts-and-crafts hub” being always their base for further developing such ideas.

Host Institution

Alarm Theater

Bielefeld’s AlarmTheater marries dance, music, song and performance in its productions and projects. Reality is examined. Where do we come from? What kind of world do we live in? What do we dream of? We stand for authentic theater with ‘experts in the everyday’ (people of different ages and origins) and aim to provoke thought. We develop our productions around contemporary themes such as flight, racism, dementia and unemployment. Since 2013 there has been a clear focus on the work with unaccompanied refugee minors.

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