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Dimitrios Moschonas

2019/20 Athens

Dimitrios lives in Athens and is a professional actor (Veaki School of Drama, Athens), an independent researcher on ancient Greek tragedy and a student of Greek Civilization Studies (Humanities, Hellenic Open University). As a professional he has participated in several festivals specializing in ancient Greek drama. Moreover, he recently completed an intensive vocational training course for and acquired a diploma in Occupational Therapy (assistant). 

During his internship position at the Greek National Institution for the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped, he received deep knowledge and practical skills in motor, functional and cognitive rehabilitation in individuals with acquired neurological disorders. His interest in sociocultural work revolves around the remediation of mental disorders through dramatic healing procedures. Throughout his internship he managed to employ basic techniques of ancient Greek drama in the therapeutic process with notable results.

His vision is to create an alternative theatre-centric healing method that will help people with post traumatic stress disorder to reduce symptoms and improve function in their lives. The START program offered Dimitrios the opportunity to experience the ways sociocultural organizations in Germany are dealing with mental awareness through cultural activities, as well as key skills necessary to lay the foundations of his initiative in Greece.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

The Theater of Healing

The proposed project is investigating the healing dynamics of Ancient Greek Tragedies, Ancient rhythmic and Psychodrama in order to approach a new theatro-centric healing method that will help people with Post-traumatic stress disorder to reduce symptoms, improve function and give hope and control in their lives. The project will involve people who suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder such as: security forces, refuges, victims from terrorist attacks, victims of war etc.

Host Institution

Other Music Academy

The Other Music Academy (OMA) is our vision of a new kind of social institution, an Empowerment Center. The OMA works towards an inclusive society in which people of the most diverse backgrounds have an active role in shaping culture. The OMA is located in Weimar, East-Germany and, together with international and regional participants, redefine the function of an old 5-storey school building. The OMA is an interdisciplinary project platform, runs a café and performance space, ateliers, a garden and works with a regional through an international network of cultural activists.

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