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Dimitra Tsiaouskoglou

2018/19 Athens

Dimitra Tsiaouskoglou was born and raised in Thessaloniki. After majoring in History and spending a few years working in education, her passion for art led her to complete her postgraduate studies in Art History (Thessaloniki) and Curating (France). She moved to Athens in 2013, where she’s been actively involved in the local art scene. An avid lifelong learner and intensely curious, she loves participating in international workshops to deepen her cultural management skills and expand her network.

She has diverse work experience in the contemporary art sector; from research, writing, mediation and education to production and curating. In addition, she considers her previous experience in administrative positions at education and community-related businesses as equally important to her development.

Her experience as an art mediator (Documenta 14, NEON Organization) and in community arts projects, have fueled her passion for arts practice that functions as an agent of social change. She therefore took up her studies of Socially Engaged Practices for Museums and Galleries at Leicester University (UK) and also grabbed the opportunities offered by the START Fellowship Program (Germany, 2018) to gain hands-on experience of art as a tool for community wellbeing and apply this knowledge to her projects in Greece.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Work it like an Artist

A platform which connects artists with local businesses to spike creativity and foster employability.

[Work it like an Artist] is an initiative which aims to link professional artists with local businesses, inspired by the power of art to bring about change in society. It functions as a matchmaking platform, facilitating interconnectedness and affirming the role of creativity as a key tool for growth and development.

Its impact can be classified according to the target groups: artists, businesses and the local community. First goal, is to enhance the work opportunities of emerging artists, enable them to acquire business-minded skills, while providing a space to present their work and develop their visibility. Another goal is to assist forward-thinking businesses to implement progressive ideas, which can have a positive impact, or potentially employ a creative solution to specific problems. It also aims to attract new audience/potential customers, whilst developing an extrovert and fresh profile for the business. As for the community, it can develop new audience, as art will nest in unexpected places and engage the viewer in an alternative way.


Host Institution

zeitraumexit e.V.

zeitraumexit was founded as an non-profit organization in Mannheim in 2000. Its repertoire includes contemporary performative and visual art while focusing on the interdisciplinary exploration of socially relevant issues featuring discursive formats and addressing various target groups.  We execute cooperative projects like festivals and individual projects in our venue - an industrial building in Jungbusch, the most urban and multi-cultural quarter of the city - as well as in public spaces.

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