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Dimitra Mpairaktari

2016/17 Thessaloniki

Dimitra Mpairaktari was born and raised in Cologne and belongs to the third generation of Greek migrants. After graduating from school she moved to Greece, where she studied at the Department of Visual and Applied Arts, School of Fine Arts, University of Western Macedonia. She has participated in numerous projects and exhibitions all over Greece. Recent exhibitions in- clude ‘’Made in Greece’’ (IsNotGallery, Nicosia), and ‘’De- touch’’ (Arts Factory, Santorini). Other recent exhibitions include ‘’Rembrand name’’ (Lola Nikolaou Gallery); ‘’Light Thickens’’ (Goethe-Institut); ‘’7ply Project 2015’’ (Center of Contemporary Art); these all in Thessaloniki where she now lives and works.

With regard to her bicultural identity, her work deals with the issue of identity balance, the influence of two different cultures and assimilation into the whole, the collective culture and memory.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Mnemosyne Collecting & Collaging Memories

“Mnemosyne Collecting & Collaging Memories”: The Bremen district Blumenthal is a place where cultural and economic ten- sions are increasing due to heterogeneous social structures. This project aimed to familiarize migrant children with the col- lective memory of their neighborhood. Elderly people shared childhood memories, connecting the children to the place of Blumenthal. Children with a migrant background were inspired by the childhood photos of the elderly people and took pictures of themselves. The project empowered those children to con- nect themselves with the local community and kick-started a common memory through a collective creative process. The results of the project are surreal collages connecting the past with the present, the young with the old, in a fictional world. At the final presentation of the project outcomes, these 2 groups came together for the first time and began a dialogue about the collages.

Host Institution


In close collaboration with artists and culture makers, QUARTIER gGmbH creates cultural education projects that are especially focused on the living situation of our fellow citizens in their respective neighborhoods. Children, young people and adults with a variety of social and cultural backgrounds produce art and culture together. The results of this collaboration are presented in theater productions, exhibitions, performance and (even) fashion shows.

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Mnemosyne Collecting & Collaging Memories
Mnemosyne Collecting & Collaging Memories
Mnemosyne Collecting & Collaging Memories