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Dimitra Chatziargyriou

2018/19 Athens

Dimitra was born and raised in Athens, and has lived in Patras, Thessaloniki and Berlin. Her passion for creativity led her to study architecture at the University of Patra. She has also always explored movement through activities such as dancing, acrobatics and climbing. She has worked in various fields, including: architectural design, environmental education programs and children activities. Initiatives like the START Fellowship Program (2018) have given her the chance to further explore and combine her interests, and to form her vision for a collective redefinition of the urban landscape through outdoor aerial acrobatics. Hopefully Athens will soon become an endless playground through her work; so, if you want to learn more, just walk around the city and look up to the trees, or join the "los μonos juntos" project!

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Los monos juntos

Outdoor meetings for the exploration of public spaces through circus and performative arts: the idea starts from the contemporary need to redefine our ways of being in the environment. Public space is not just for consuming and passive existence. It’s a meeting point for creation, connection to ourselves, to others and to the environment. The meetings can include everyone - no matter what age, physical abilities, or experiences. They aim to generate relations, personal health care, expression and to awaken the senses. They also activate the artistic personality and support the value of green and free urban spaces in a dense city like Athens. Go outdoors, get upside down, invade the urban jungle, be alone (a μόnos) together (juntos)!

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Los nos juntos in MoMoLo

The project focuses on outdoor acrobatics combining excersice, artistic expression, connection with others,
connection with nature, and the revival of public space. 

The goal is a collective redefinition of the urban landscape through outdoor acrobatic movement research. Circus art has different expressions. The team behind the project is interested in its nomadic origin, its street form, its connection to improvisation and low budget art character. This is translated as degrowth. One step back, to our rootes, closer to our inner self and inevitably to the outer environment. Climbing, jumping, rolling are natural moves to humans but due to our contemporary ways of living we forget them and have to reinvent them.

The innovative ingredient of the idea is the connection to public spaces. Athens is a vibrant city but used mainly as a system for consumption rather than a public, common ground. Also it is dense and made of concrete with few green, open spaces. A way to redefine the urban landscape would be to actively become a part of it. (bodyscapes) We will also use aerials as a tool for movement research. It provides a variety of qualities like strengthening, coexisting against the modern liberal model, community meetings, sharing of knowledge, cocreation, artistic praxis.


Host Institution

Circus MoMoLo

Circus MoMoLo provides a socio-pedagogic platform for children and teenagers. In its year-long circus workshops children and teenagers can discover their talents, gain self-confidence and learn together in a free and safe space. Our inclusive approach invites children and teenagers from all social and cultural backgrounds.

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