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Danae Kalliabetsou

2016/17 Syros

Danae Kalliabetsou lives on the Aegean Island of Syros and is strongly interested in saving, protecting and preserving the Cultural Heritage. Initially she gained her practical knowledge and experience from her studies in Renovation and Restoration Engineering at the Techno- logical Educational Institute of Patras. Since then, she has been involved in the conservation of historic build- ings and monuments. Consequently, she continued her studies in Design of Interactive and Industrial Products and Systems (University of the Aegean, Syros), doing her research in the field of User Experience (UX). Therefore, she examines Cultural Heritage through the lens of tech- nology. The main object of her study is the relevance between the tangible-intangible Cultural Heritage and digital applications.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Beaming through the Other: Culture(s) as Resource

“Beaming through the Other: Culture(s) as Resource” was a research project within the framework of my START project pro- posal for Greece “CHAPP”. “Beaming through the Other” employs the concept of culture as shared cultural heritage resources. Engaging people from diverse cultural backgrounds (locals, refugees, attendees of the traditional local church), opposes the conventional concept of cultures being in conflict. I used an emotional approach to the interaction between individuals and the traditional church. More specifically, the project consisted of 3 research actions examining mindsets, expectations and the barriers latent in the process of engaging with the church. The first were organized as workshops: a word-based workshop involving locals and an image-based workshop involving refu- gees. The third action consisted of a video-based case study to gauge visitors’ receptiveness to and interaction with a church (the Andreaskirche in Düsseldorf) through an interactive digital prototype of my planned App.

Host Institution


zakk GmbH is a socio-cultural center with a diverse and ambitious cultural program. The program is mainly focused on the departments of “Wort & Bühne” (word and stage), music, intercultural work, discos, projects and politics. Visitors of zakk have all kinds of social backgrounds and people of any age are welcome, from teenagers gifted with a literary talent to seniors interested in “ to use the internet properly?” The zakk cultural center is a nonprofit organization and the sole partner is the registered organization zakk e.V.

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Beaming through the Other: Culture(s) as Resource
Beaming through the Other: Culture(s) as Resource