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Christina Christoforou Livani

2019/20 Athens

Christina grew up in the Greek island of Zakynthos and at age 18 she moved to Athens to study and finally graduate from the Athens University of Economics and Business. That journey revealed parts of who she is to herself, and how people in diverse and minority groups are discriminated against. Among other interests, she loves travelling and colorful, unique people. Her passion for equality, mutual understanding and respect among and within different people and communities led her to become more active in civil society. Focusing on deconstructing stereotypes and prejudices, Christina works to build a fairer world for everyone in which no-one is left behind. In order to make this world more inclusive, in order for everyone to be seen and not be excluded, cultural initiatives can be a tool to take down the walls that separate us.

The START fellowship program was never ‘just another project’ for Christina, but an opportunity to work and coexist with people carrying so many different cultural baggages. Her aim is to empower and motivate people to search of their identity, honesty and acceptance, not only in the relationships they build with others but also in themselves. Her vision is a world free from all the oppressive social norms, the stereotypes…and the walls.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Talk Talk

''Whatever isn't mirrored in this society, it is doomed to disappear''.
Is there a thing like a homogeneity when it comes to societies and people?
Well if someone has a quick glance at the society of Zakynthos, their answer would probably be affirmative. However, if you look closer, under the masks, you will discover a diverse colourful mix of people. Why this censorship and fear to express ourselves? Why do we have to pretend? Talk Talk is a project aiming to create a community that gives safe and brave space to people to redefine, and why not discover parts of their identity through a series of workshops using theatrical exercises and creative writing. There will be two groups of people; one consisted of 15 teenagers, aged 14-15, and another of 15 adults.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Talk Talk

‘’Talk Talk’’ is a project aiming to help the youth community and the parents community of the island of Zakynthos to go through a process to experience personal expression and to discover their suppressed identities. This will be achieved through a seminar consisted of two teams, the youth team, 12 to 15 years old, and a group of parents, using theatrical methodology and exercises focusing on a) building trust between the participants of each team, b) defining their identity, c) revealing the suppressive social norms and their impact on them, d) writing the scenario of two theatre plays based on the personal experiences of the participants.

Host Institution

Kulturzentrum Tollhaus

TOLLHAUS is a sociocultural centre in Karlsruhe, Germany staging 250 - 300 events per year. Its two halls have capacities of 450 (seated) or 700 (standing) in the smaller hall and 850 (seated) or 1,300 (standing) in the larger hall. During summer TOLLHAUS organizes a series called ZELTIVAL with approximately 30 concerts.

In 2016 we also founded the ATOLL festival for contemporary circus which takes place during five days in September each year at and around the centre.

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