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Asimina Brouzou

2017/18 Athens

Asimina is active in the cultural field, studying and practicing dance, music, painting as well as architecture and sustainable design (BA, NTUA Athens, MSc Edinburgh with distinction). She thus co-founded “Challedu - play learn evolve”, an initiative that emphasizes how education can be empowered by interactive and playful activities to create irresistible experiences. “Challedu” has been selected to participate in the top Greek incubators “EGG”, “Innovathens”, “Higgs” and “Social Dynamo”, where Asimina acquired many management skills. Her top projects include: educational programs in schools; playful activities for inclusion (disabled kids, refugees, 3rd age); e-books; collaborations with Technopolis, Researchers’ Night and Open Schools. Participating in START – Create Cultural Change gave Asimina the opportunity to focus on engaging people with architecture and history and to enrich her competencies in managing participatory events where people create their future.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

mini GArch Jam

“mini GArch Jam” aimed to strengthen intergenerational exchange and the engagement of communities with history and architectural heritage in the creation of games. It evolved in three phases: Archi Quest: a two-day workshop focusing on co-working with the VILLA team to create a treasure hunt game inspiring people to explore the sociocultural center. Archi Mapping: extensive research on games based on architecture and history. During the GArch Jam, selected games were played to inspire participants. GArch Jam: a three-day event focused on engagement with architecture, oral history and intergenerational exchange. Participants of all ages and backgrounds played a treasure hunt created in Archi Quest, exchanged ideas and stories based on the Leipzig setting, played games and created their own game, “Reclam”, which was based on the story of one of the most renowned publishing houses in Leipzig. The GArch Jam website that was created during the project contains presentations of the events, games and “Reclam”.

Host Institution


Die VILLA is the sociocultural center in the heart of Leipzig. Every week, more than 100 activities and events take place here - in great variety and for all ages.

More than 90,000 visitors come to the house per year. Almost half of these are children and young people, a quarter is seniors. The proportion of people with disabilities or with a migration background is above average in Leipzig.

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mini GArch Jam
mini GArch Jam