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Artemis Karmpa

2019/20 Thessaloniki

Artemis holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and a postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Education (Aristotle University). She also has experience in arts and education; she was a volunteer manager and educational coordinator in Thessaloniki’s International Puppet & Mime Festival and has led cultural and educational children’s programs in her local area.

Having participated in numerous theatrical and clowning workshops, Artemis believes there are other effective ways to communicate apart from talking (even though she is also fond of really long conversations!). Her ongoing interest in group dynamics and experiential learning is why she professionally trained in non-directive group facilitation and has conducted connected postgraduate research work.

Using the START fellowship program as an opportunity to build her skill-set for launching sociocultural initiatives, Artemis seeks to realize her vision to create an active teachers’ community. Optimizing experiential methods and the arts, her project Share-Call aims to create a safe space where teachers encounter, empower one another and search for ways to better their school practice, in order to spread a culture of acceptance and non violent communication among their students. If you also share the belief that teachers can be multipliers of democratic values and bring social change, join our Share-Call!

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


The project works around quality education and aims to create support groups for teachers who work with children and adolescents. Inspired from Kurt Lewin’s “Training groups”, Carl Rogers’s “Encounter Groups” and Michel Lobrot’s “Non Directive Intervention” (N.D.I) the project “Share-Call” has three main scopes:

  1. Facilitate the participants’ encounter and their sharing in the circle. (Create a community where teachers share their school experience, fears, ideas, everyday accomplishments, and empower one another)
  2. Train teachers on Group Dynamics, Non Directivity and Experiential Approach. (Enhance self-expression and self-awareness through experiential activities/methods, help them acquire new communication skills), and
  3. Inspire, train and provide tools to teachers for addressing sustainability issues into their classroom (gender equality, human rights, environmental problems, etc.)

Host Institution

Jugendkulturzentrum Glad-House

Each year, the Glad-House cultural center organizes around 600 events, workshops and projects; these are mostly for children, teenagers and young adults. More than 50.000 people make use of this cultural program every year. The services cover a wide spectrum from pop music and art-house cinema, to projects concerned with cultural education. The 3 in-house sections of event office, literature atelier and cinema work together to provide these services. In the literature-atelier, young people learn creative writing and produce books every day and results are presented regularly at readings.

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