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Apostolis Mokas

2018/19 Volos

Apostolis lives in Volos, although he travels a lot. By day, he is an events promoter and tour manager, but he can also be found participating in almost every cultural event in his city. He studied law and then attended a course in journalism, taking this forward into creating fanzines, writing books and booking concerts via his own label (World’s Appreciated Kitsch, est. 2006). He also pushes the boundaries, touring the world with his own band, My Turn, that consumes his ‘free’ time. Since his early adult years, Apostolis is a key figure in the Volos (and Greek in general) underground music scene.

Using opportunities such as the START Fellowship Program (Germany, 2018), he is strengthening his abilities and gaining further knowledge in the field of sociocultural management. Thus, he is building his project MICS FOR ALL in Greece, creating a tolerant and inclusive space where events and workshops (varying from hip hop to punk rock) can take place and tearing down the wall between the artists and the spectators. His aim is to empower participation and create opportunities for people to perform and play music.

Project Progress Phase II Phase I

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Music For All

Music For All is an initiative with the goal to motivate people to take an active part in the alternative music movement. Everything from indie rock to reggae and from punk / hardcore to rap can fall into the world alternative that we use. We came up with the idea of Music For All because there is a lack of bands and artists of alternative music in the city we live in, Volos. The huge problem, going hand to hand with the lack of venues (there's only a handful of places that concerts can take place) is that there does not exist a strong local scene, but only a few bands and some individuals that organise concerts. On the contrary 10-15 years ago the local scene was prosperous and thriving.
Music For All aims to change this scenery by motivating people to come together, embrace music and express their creativity. We aim to organise weekly workshops for free and empower people to learn or improve on the instrument they intend to play or already play and eventually form a
band. We want to offer this chance to people that can’t afford the money to pay for music classes, people aging between 16 to 36 (the age limit will not be that strict, though), students, refugees, migrants, unemployed... We even want to activate people that are just lazy enough to rehearse music.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Music For All

The project is communicating musical culture to poor, unemployed, migrants and social outcasts.

The aim of my initiative is to communicate musical culture to people that reside in non-central places of Volos, for example poor districts, the so called ghettos and areas that migrants live, by organizing music (mainly hip hop) events on a monthly basis for a whole period of 6 months. The main idea is to bring local artists along with a few well known Greek artists to perform in open air spaces (parks, schools, basketball courts) in front of people that regularly don't have access to entertainment means like this, and then leave the microphones and music open for those people in order to perform and sing for whatever they want.

This whole decentralisation of music events will also attract 'privileged' people (meaning people that usually have access to this kind of entertainment) that can connect with the poor, the migrants and the social outcasts. This procedure will bring together and unite a big part of the local community, that will get involved in these events.

Host Institution

Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus

Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus e.V. is a location open to urban culture innovation processes and project ideas. It was occupied 35 years ago by various cultural grassroots initiatives and the former warehouse building was developed into a living center for culture.

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