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Angelos Tsaousis

2017/18 Thessaloniki

With a postgraduate degree in communication studies (Leeds, UK) and a specialization in documentary filmmaking, Angelos has twelve years of experience in the film industry. Since 2011, he has focused mainly on producing/directing creative documentaries with an international potential. His main objective is to explore the potential of the documentary form as a tool for social impact. “The New Plastic Road” (co-production with ZDF/Arte, MEDIA Development Fund and Greek Film Centre) is his first feature length film that explores the socioeconomic changes in the destitute communities of Pamirs, Tajikistan. With the support of a Fulbright artist scholarship (2016/2017) and his affiliation with the San Francisco Film Society (2017/2018), he is developing his current project on Roma youth and social integration. Understanding the societal change and the power of storytelling, Angelos is spearheading “DocRepublic” – a documentary hub where digital storytellers and public dialogue will be inspired.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

We, Travelling People: The Silkroad from Pamirs to China / Future Storytellers Lab

Mini project I: A documentary film screening of my previous documentary film (TV version) “The New Plastic Road” as part of the “bi’baxchange” program and the series “We Travelling People”. The screening and the discussion was moderated by Ioanna Kryona, Director of Programming at HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN and was an exploration of how documentary films can achieve social impact on their audiences. Food cooked by a local Pakistani cook from the community was offered to the visitors, in order to inspire them for discussing further the film topic.

Mini project II: a two-day workshop for kids exploring the endless educational potential of digital storytelling. Seamus O’Donnell (educator/ musician) introduced the kids to the world of sound designing for films and I provided the appropriate tools for inspiration and exploration of their personal stories. It served as an introduction to the world of digital storytelling and crafting the documentary form of expression.

Host Institution


bi’bak („Have a look!“ in Turkish)

bi’bak e.V. is a non-profit association for contemporary art and community-based projects and runs an independent project space in Berlin-Wedding.

bi’bak engages with a variety of sociopolitical issues such as migration, discourses on mobility, the construction of identities, consumerism, labor questions, and cultural memory. Interdisciplinary projects offer alternative perspectives and initiate new discourses on pressing debates that all too often seem unsolvable and intransigent.

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We, Travelling People
We, Travelling People
We, Travelling People