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Angeliki Mitropoulou

2017/18 Athens

Angeliki born in Athens, is a performer and cultural manager. She graduated from Panteion University and Empros Higher Drama School; she has been working in theatrical and cinematic productions in Greece. She is co-founder of the Exis dance group and a workshop facilitator for mixed-ability groups. She participated in the Un-label symposium as a keynote speaker and in Liminal Open Days as a workshop facilitator. Determined to develop and promote inclusive arts, she founded “Kyma Project – Inclusive Dance”, a platform that creates opportunities for disabled people to engage in the field of contemporary dance and performance. She strongly believes in life-long education and is always exploring new learning opportunities.

Project Progress Phase III Phase II Phase I

Phase III

Scaling the projects in Greece

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Sep onwards

Project Title

KYMA Project - Be part of the wave!

KYMA Project is a platform for inclusive dance, based in Athens. It addresses the need of marginalized social groups for participation, equal training opportunities and leadership. Taking into consideration insight gained in our second phase we have adjusted the goals, target groups and the tools we use to maximize social impact and promote accessibility. While dance continues to be our main vehicle of inclusion, this third phase inaugurates a section of complementary actions that help create more accessible spaces in Athens in collaboration with technical offices. Later on, these spaces can host more inclusive activities and hence multiply the possibilities and the choices of disabled people in the longer term.

Our goals have grown with our project: we aim to increase the number of accessible buildings in Athens and to create job opportunities for disabled people. We will continue to grow by promoting and developing inclusive practices and productions with accessible content, through creating equal training opportunities, and by inspiring disabled people to become dancers, choreographers and performers. Through these actions, we look forward to raising awareness of accessibility issues and fighting social exclusion and dancing...

Phase II

Project implementation in Greece

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Dec - May

Project Title

Kyma Project

Kyma Project is a platform for inclusive dance. It was founded in 2017 although, the need that created it is long existing. The lack of inclusion in the arts and especially in the field of dance.

Art should be accessible to everyone, connecting, opening up new worlds and changing stereotypes.

Kyma Project addresses the need of marginalized social groups for artistic expression and participation. By using contemporary dance and dance-theater as a vehicle, new role models about disability are emerging while creating opportunities for participation, leadership and training accessible for everyone.


Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Different Pulses Created by “Kyma Project”

“Different Pulses” is a dance video with a strong message about social diversity and inclusive arts.

steptext dance project, tanzbar_bremen (a mixed abled company) and I worked in a fruitful collaboration during my job shadowing. Focusing on different abilities, cultural backgrounds and ages, we formed a group of five dancers with whom we created a dance video. At the studio, our artistic team discussed the notion of diversity within a socio-cultural context. We used directed improvisation as a choreographic tool and encouraged the dancers to explore their personal movement. The Greek composer Haris Katis composed a piece based on five different instruments. Each instrument represented a distinct character and dynamics that were uniquely translated into movement by each of the dancers.

The project was presented at Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus and promoted via social media and different websites as part of the “Kyma Project - Inclusive Dance” cultural initiative.

Host Institution

steptext dance project

From its venue in Schwankhalle, steptext dance project e.V. produces and presents contemporary dance within a global network. Since the founding in 1996, the institution’s director Helge Letonja has created more than 40 ensemble choreographies and has established steptext as a desired presenter and co-producer: steptext develops and realizes dance pieces, festivals and transdisciplinary projects with partners from Germany, Europe, Africa and South America.

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Different Pulses
Different Pulses
Different Pulses