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Anastasia Dourida

2015/16 Athens

Anastasia Dourida grew up in a small village of Arkadia, a perfect playground for an extremely social and untamed kid. Her teenage years were spent in a provincial town, suitable for focusing on her studying goals. After moving to Athens, to study civil engineering, her life journey really began. She found a job, sponsored herself to a six-year round private tutoring in psychology parallel to her studies, and got herself a scooter. Ever since, while progressing professionally, she has let herself wander around Athens, getting inspired, constantly communicating, trying to understand our culture. She has always felt connected to its beauty and became a restorations expert hoping that some cultural acupuncture would promote it. Arts came along as a consolation, a way of communicating subtly the absurdity of life. She hopes that if she gets young artists to see what she sees, we might have an effect on the modern Athenians' mindsets.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

coming together

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Host Institution

schloss bröllin

schloss bröllin e.V. is an international production center created by artists for artists and for guests from around the world. The 800-year-old, landmarked manor complex is located on the German-Polish border some 40 km west of Stettin and 130 km north of Berlin.

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