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Anastasia Barka

2019/20 Thessaloniki

Anastasia is 28 years old, born in Alexandria and raised in Kalymnos. She has lived in Thessaloniki, Utrecht and Prague. She studied Theatre and Performance (AUTH) and completed a master’s degree in Contemporary Theatre Dance and Dramaturgy (Utrecht University).

Working mostly as a dramaturg and/or assistant producer, she approaches performing arts as a field which can bring people together, providing the proper time and space to express themselves and reflect upon their social interaction. Driven by her interest in performing arts and their impact in/on local communities, she has been internationally involved in the design and implementation of several participatory art projects, festivals and theatre performances. 

Her 2019 placement at the Circus MoMoLo in Jena (DE) and participation in the START fellowship program offered her the chance to strengthen her management skills in the sociocultural field. In Greece she wants to use this experience to build the project Existeeng (Εφηβίωση); a cultural initiative inviting teenagers from rural areas to develop and present their own performance and speak about what it means, for them, to be a teenager. Existeeng is conceived as a large scale project to reach out to multiple adolescent groups around Greece: introducing them to the world of performing arts and triggering them to make their voice loud in a creative and social way.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Beyond urban art

Beyond Urban Art project wishes to give the adolescents in rural areas the opportunity to express themselves through artistic practices. Three groups located in three different areas around Northern Greece will have the chance to explore their way of living, to reflect upon their "teenager identity" and finally to exchange their findings with other people of their age. The main tool of this project is a series of applied theater workshops, which are going to take place in each location on weekly basis for three months. Once a month every group will share with the other groups some of their experiences developed during the workshop.

Host Institution

Circus MoMoLo

Circus MoMoLo provides a socio-pedagogic platform for children and teenagers. In its year-long circus workshops children and teenagers can discover their talents, gain self-confidence and learn together in a free and safe space. Our inclusive approach invites children and teenagers from all social and cultural backgrounds.

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