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Alexia Stouraiti

2018/19 Athens

Passionate about the implementation of Restorative Justice in Greece and worldwide, Alexia aims to make a difference in the Greek sociocultural scene.

Having a background in Law (University of Athens) and demonstrated working experience in the law practice industry, she then specialized in Mediation and attended a 4-year training in Psychodrama (PCPD, FEPTO member). Inspired by social interaction, she has been facilitating workshops and delivering training in communication and diversity management. When she finally participated in her first training in Restorative Justice Practices, she immediately knew this was her life purpose. Member of the European Forum for Restorative Justice, she was also awarded the Stoltzfus Scholarship (Eastern Mennonite University, USA) and thus given the chance to dive deeper in the restorative philosophy. She has been facilitating Restorative Circles ever since, and was a trainer in the National Center of Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) in victim-offender mediation and restorative circles for Probation Officers from all over Greece.

Having participated in many European programs, she found in START the opportunity to enrich her competencies and gain practical skills: not only to implement her ongoing project, but also to establish a sustainable organization to create the cultural change she believes in.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

Restora(c)tive Theatre

The project is an intersection between Art and Restorative Justice for domestic/gender-based violence victims. During each performance, a painter will be creating a painting on the stage, boosting the performance's impact, and all of them could be exhibited in Athens, to raise awareness on both RJ and violence. As a closing ceremony, the next day of each performance there will be a Restorative Circle (a form of dialogue and story-telling) that will wrap-up the participants' feelings and needs, and bring an organic closure to the experience.

Typically, RJ practices require verbal communication between conflicted parties, but there may be cases other forms of expressing feelings and emotions are needed. This is the case with vulnerable people for whom verbal expression may be difficult. In our project we intend to use Playback Theater as a form of communication for restoring the harm, overcoming trauma and reintegrating in society from the victims' perspective.

Victims of crime often experience their needs for information, vindication, restitution and empowerment are not met in the justice system - but victims who participated in Restorative Practices feel it offered them answers and a voice in a meaningful justice response to crime.

Playback is a form of audience-inspired, improvisational theater designed to promote connectivity and empathy through storytelling. The Playback process contains restorative and therapeutic aspects, and can also help to address the trauma that arises from the experience of violence. Over the past decades, the use of Playback within social movements (discrimination, gender-based violence, homophobia, environmental degradation) has begun to grow.

Host Institution

Kulturhaus Osterfeld

Kulturhaus Osterfeld e.V. is a socio-culture center in Pforzheim, Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

Since its opening on September 2, 1994, Osterfeld has developed into the largest cultural and communication center in the region. Each year, up to 150,000 visitors and users take part in the activities of the institution.

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