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Alexandra Malouta

2019/20 Athens

Alexandra is an architect (National Technical University of Athens) and cultural manager based in Athens. She has attended an “International Curating Program” at the Node Centre (Berlin) and undertaken the online course Commissioning and Curating Contemporary Public Art at the Valand Academy (Gothenburg University, SE).

Working as an architect in London, for four years, Alexandra led on the design of co-housing projects through participatory processes with the residents. As a collaborator at the artist residency space in Kypseli, Snehta (Athens), she has assisted artists to integrate into the local cultural scene. She has also been a trainee at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre (Athens).

Joining the 2019 START fellowship program has empowered her strong motivation for public art interventions and opened up further development for her management skills in the sociocultural sector. Her ambition is to create a sustainable program that redefines the public spaces of Athens through the engagement of local community, and her START project was initiated through education of local youth and their active participation in the design of creative strategies.

Alexandra is excited about how art and education can get people involved in taking ownership of their surroundings to turn them into more interactive environments!

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title

C.I.T.Y project : Creative Interactions Transforming Youth

“C.I.T.Y” aims to implement contemporary art programs initiated from the education of the local youth, that aim to redefine the public spaces through the active participation of its citizens, in selected areas of Athens. The young adults of the local area (age 16-26) coming from different backgrounds (social, economic and cultural) become project co-creators and co-authors by actively participating in projects guided and supported by professionals (artists, cultural agents, architects). The initiative plans to develop an educational methodology that enables young people to communicate, interact and acquire competences related to the urban environment, increase civic awareness, grow their creative and social skills, and acknowledge them as cultural users and creators. Additionally, the ambition is to build an artistic program that will be embraced from the local community, by proposing a sustainable, socially engaged, artistic model that can then be continued under their own leadership.

Host Institution

RAW // cc e. V.

RAW // cc is a sociocultural institution on RAW-Gelände in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Daily work happens at the interface of art, cultural education, urban policy, memorial work and neighborhood. It was founded just in 2015 but is a descendant of the pioneer institution that made the area of a former railway repairing factory (RAW) ready for sociocultural re-use 20 years ago. Regular members are mainly the artists and artisans that have their working spaces in the three studio houses on RAW. But as an intermediary organization RAW // cc e.V.

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