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Alexandra Dalaka

2019/20 Larissa

Dalaka Alexandra was born in 1994 and even though she currently lives in the suburbs of her hometown Larisa, Greece, you will find her traveling quite often.

Ever since she can remember (and despite being told that she will end up being a poor crazy artist) she has been very passionate about the arts. That is the main reason why she studied painting in the School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki (AUTH School of Fine Arts, department of visual and applied arts).

Throughout her life she has participated in numerous cultural-educational programs, mainly focused on children (FUTURE LIBRARY 2015-2014 e.t.c.). Today, besides working as an arts and crafts teacher, she also experiments with the idea of art as a means of achieving intergenerational understanding.

In joining the 2019 START program and work placement in Germany, she has sought to benefit on various levels, such as enriching her management, communication and fundraising skills. Back in Greece she will use all this massive experience to create art workshops where both adults and children can work together, thus enhancing their bonds through creativity. Of course some “surprise” guests are to be expected!

Intrigued? Well, stay tuned…

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


The main goal of the initiative is to create intergenerational understanding between parents and children through art workshops, while at the same time presenting and promoting young artists. A secondary but also very important goal of the project would be to bring people of a remote rural area, close to arts (painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture ect), a subject whose existence is being ignored and is often ‘’misunderstood’’. The initiative will focus mostly on adults, children and especially on the parent-child relationships, (outside the house and under creative and non rushed conditions) as well as how they can be enhanced through arts. In addition to this, young artists, who will be taking part in the project, will be able to present their work and even talk about the artistic procedures creating an interesting dialogue and changing the perception that people may have
of arts.

Host Institution

Kunstkarussell e.V.

Kunstkarussell was founded in 2012 as an association of artists, athlets, musicians, and pedagogues when it became clear that in all Lower-Saxony full-time schools would be established soon. This cultural initiative's goal was to offer to youth a variety of different workshops in the afternoon program of schools. Since then a lot of different cooperations with schools have been established, as for example holiday camps and projects outside and inside these institutions.

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