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Alex Dimitriou

2019/20 Athens

Alex Dimitriou has been working in cultural production in Berlin and Athens since 2007, producing film and performance festivals that deal with queer and body politics, activism and LGBTQI+ visibility. Alex is a member of the FYTINI anti-art collective in Athens that for three years created, curated and produced Sound Acts: a sound and performance festival that engaged the local queer arts community and brought them together with international artists, making queer political performance visible to a more mainstream audience in Greece for the first time.

Alex has a BA in Management and Technology and is currently pursuing an MA in Gender Studies. Through START Alex will strengthen abilities for community building, and - inspired by a passion for cycling - will create safe and inclusive spaces for queers, trans* folk and women in rural areas of Greece, where these groups can exchange, create art and share a bicycle workshop space as a means of empowerment. 

Alex is currently part of the curatorial team of the Athens Festival of Queer Performance, a DIY symposium bringing together performance artists, video artists and academics, taking place in October 2019 in Athens.

Phase I

Capacity building in Germany

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Sep - Nov

Project Title


It is not an uncommon experience of women in Greece and especially in smaller cities, that they have less access to mechanical knowledge, and their abilities to such an affinity are many a time underestimated. I myself have had to learn a lot by doing on my own, while wishing that there was a place where I could learn with people that I feel comfortable with, who want to teach me and who will help me do it myself. Sazman/Changement aims to create feminist, inclusive and empowered communities in Rhodes, Athens and
eventually in other Greek cities, with people that share a love for bicycles. Through workshops, events and actual bike repairing sessions, I aim to create a strong community in different cities in Greece, with women and minorities of diverse cultural backgrounds who need a safe space to exchange, meet, create and learn how to fix their own bikes. These kind of spaces do not exist in the rural area of Greece.

Host Institution

art der stadt

The registered society "art der stadt e.V." (literally: the art of the city) is a melting-pot of artistic expression. It is a socio-cultural platform for artistic, cultural and education related engagement. It gives the artistic means and possibilities, especially to young people, to experience participation and fulfillment within a society. We see ourselves as a platform for self-organized youth-work and active leisure-time. We offer theater, music, fine arts, dance, movie, and literature. We offer art projects, performances, workshops, and courses.

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